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Apex Rack Repair PROs

Weighing warehouse safety and social distancing rules? The Apex Rack Repair team is here to help even the scales.

Keeping everyone safe while ramping up fulfillment or pivoting to handle new inventory and worker protection regulations is challenging. Let the Apex team take some of the pressure off. Our Rack Repair and Safety Program can provide pallet rack inspection training to help keep your rack in first-rate shape. Apex will train your team to spot rack damage and warehouse safety concerns before they become a hazard.

We can help in several ways:

  1. On-site rack inspection training for your team
  2. Professional rack audit services by the Apex PROs
  3. Replace and repair kit solutions to fix rack damage
  4. Digital training resources to support on-going warehouse safety efforts

Our team is equipped to offer on-site pallet rack inspection training for members of your staff (where allowed) to expedite the assessment and repair of damaged rack if needed. The quicker an issue is assessed, the faster your system is up and fully-functioning to ensure a safe and productive facility.

By training members of your team, you can supplement annual professional inspections done by the Apex PROs. Having your systems internally examined regularly (whether daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) will catch existing damage and result in faster repairs, reducing downtime. Your staff will be trained to recognize and evaluate damage and lock-out affected locations if deemed to present a severe safety hazard.

 Apex Rack Repair App - Apex Companies

The cornerstone of the Rack Repair and Safety Program is the Apex Rack Repair App. The App is free for download and will be used by all on-site trainees. See below for more about the Apex Rack Repair App.

The following are is an example of a typical Apex Rack Audit Training Session

Apex Rack Inspection Training Schedule

  • Classroom
    • Comprehensive presentation
      • Interactive discussion with Q&A
    • Written standards document
    • Visual learning
      • Pictures
      • Diagrams
      • Training videos
    • Hands-on field training
      • Site walk-thru
        • Standard APEX audit with trainees included
        • Hands-on inspection finds and explains existing rack damage
        • One-to-one Q&A with trainees
      • Official APEX audit report included in training
    • Training assessment
      • Brief quiz verifies comprehension and allows for clarification where needed
      • Certificates awarded to each participant that successfully completes the training *
    • APEX follow up
      • Contact the Apex team with any questions regarding current or future rack safety concerns
      • Repair quotes can be requested for any damage locations submitted as part of the on-site training

Important Note: Apex Rack Repair training certificates are sufficient to allow workers to review and assess the severity of rack damage within your facility for the purpose of quickly responding to or mitigating warehouse risk. They are not meant to replace annual, professional rack inspections. The Apex PROs are certified through an extensive education and training program which has been reviewed and approved by SEIZMIC Engineering, a professional engineering firm specializing in material handling system safety.

Apex Rack Repair App - Apex Companies

Apex Rack Repair Mobile AppApex Rack Repair App Helps Identify and Capture Rack Damage Specs

Does your pallet rack require repair? The Apex Rack Repair App is designed as a helpful tool to use for auditing rack damage. With the Rack Repair App you can capture all the necessary rack specs so if the rack needs repair, a custom-fit rack repair kit can be quickly ordered. Choose to perform the rack inspection yourself using the app or call the Apex PROs.

Do It Yourself  – Guided rack audit, capture key specs and photos, identify damaged rack system components and accessories.

Apex PROs – Trained and certified rack inspectors complete your warehouse systems audit using the Rack Repair App.

Our Promise –  Whether you choose to use the Rack Repair App or hire an Apex PRO, you will receive an independent, non-biased pallet rack audit and repair or replace solution.

The Apex Rack Repair App is free for download from Google Play or the App Store. Get started today!

Call the Apex team at (833) 402- 9547 or visit our website for more information.