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Pallet rack column protectors come in many shapes, sizes and materials. Post protectors are added just above the base of the column to shield the upright at the most critical impact point. Some column guards, however, are designed to “hug” the column while others are flush with the front of the column. Some shaped guards come with bullnose design, however the bullnose version can also be added separately to some models if required later. Column guards are usually painted safety yellow to be easily seen. Apex system designers can specify the best column guards for your needs.


  • Standard heights: 6”- 48”

Design Options

  • Bolt-on
  • Floor Mounted

Bolt-on column protectors are bolted directly to the column’s teardrop holes. A cautionary note for bolt-on column guarding is that if the guard is hit, the strike force will transfer to the column and potentially cause damage. This design protrudes approximately 3” into aisle.

Floor-mounted column guards are free-standing and mounted in front of the column. They are anchored into floor via a baseplate feature and they protrude approximately 1” to 2” into the aisle.

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Rack Safety Audit – DIY or Call the PROs

Accidents happen despite your best efforts to protect your team and your investments. Don’t go it alone! The Apex Rack Repair & Safety Program offers 2 easy options to evaluate the structural soundness of your entire pallet rack system. Choose which option works best for you and your team:

1. The Apex Rack Repair App is a proprietary app that guides you through a complete pallet rack system audit and allows you to capture needed specs for custom rack repair solutions.

2. The Apex PROs professional rack inspectors will come to you and conduct a thorough audit using the Rack Repair Mobile App.

Our Promise – Whether DIY with the app or a PRO audit you’ll receive a comprehensive rack inspection report with an independent solution recommending steps for system repairs and maintenance. Download the FREE app today.

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