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Apex Pallet Rack Audit and Repair Services

Your pallet rack is put to the test every day from the strain of daily warehouse activity inevitably leading to some form of component damage or failure. Protect your investment and guarantee the safety of your warehouse staff by implementing a rack system safety and maintenance program.

Apex PROs will conduct scheduled pallet rack audit and safety inspections using the Rack Repair App. Your auditor will identify damage and potential safety issues plus capture all the needed specifications for repairs and replacements.

All Apex pallet rack auditors are certified through an extensive education and training program which has been reviewed and approved by SEIZMIC Engineering, a professional engineering firm specializing in material handling system safety. For each candidate that completes the Apex Certification Process for Rack Safety Inspections, SEIZMIC ensures that they meet all requirements and provides a certificate of acceptance.

There are many benefits to choosing the Apex pallet rack audit PROs… here are just a few:

  • Certified, professional pallet rack inspectors
    • trained on pallet rack design
    • trained on system function
    • trained on warehouse safety
  • Long-term audit record keeping
    • Ongoing records keeping and monitoring of damage areas and repair records
    • Assist in identifying warehouse areas or functions prone to damage

Rely on the Apex Team
Our dedicated team of safety specialists will conduct routine assessments of your rack system to ensure compliance to OSHA safety regulations and the Rack Manufacturer Institute (RMI) design guidelines. After each inspection, you’ll receive a comprehensive rack inspection report with recommended steps for system repairs and maintenance. Understanding that most system damage consists over time vs. a single event, we keep a detailed record of all damage and subsequent repairs, to identify potential problem areas and implement procedural or design improvements.

Independent Custom Solution
Apex guarantees an independent audit solution; meaning we don’t exclusively recommend repair kits or replacement parts. Our audit approach is to evaluate each location to determine the safest, most cost- effective and best long-term solution for getting rack in working and safe order. We recommend a combination of rack repair and rack replacement parts to maintain our customer’s warehouse assets.

Apex Pallet Rack Audit and Repair Services

Pallet Rack Safety Accessories

Apex Rack Repair Audit Services

Apex Pallet Rack System Assessment Areas

Structural Integrity

  • Frame and bracing damage
  • Beam deflection
  • Deviation from intended design
  • Hardware connections
  • Weld quality
  • Pallet condition

System Application

  • Proper storage type for application
  • Loading/unloading procedures
  • Loading capacity

Apex will handle all on-site pallet racking repairs without disruption to day-to-day operations, using a proven, effective and affordable rack repair system.

We can also train your team to recognize pallet rack damage, determine higher risk areas and discern when a problem needs the attention of management. In addition, we provide forklift operator training with a focus on safely operating vehicles within and around the pallet rack systems.

Call the Apex PROs today and leave the work to us.

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