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Load Plaques… a Sign of a Healthy Warehouse

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According to the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI) specifications, well-marked pallet load plaques should be placed on every aisle, for every rack configuration. Load plaques provide the engineered capacities of the pallet racking system used to prevent system overloading. If any structural changes are made to the rack, the load plaque should be replaced with updated capacity references.

According to RMI, the rack manufacturer is responsible to supply load plaques identifying the following information:

  1. The maximum permissible unit load (the combined weight of product and its storage container or pallet) and/or maximum uniformly distributed load (UDL) per level.
  2. The average unit load (calculated as the maximum total weight of product expected on all beam levels in any row, divided by the number of beam levels in that row), if applicable.
  3. The maximum total load per bay.
  4. Indication of storage levels that support stacking of multiple unit loads.

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