Apex Helps Keep Home Improvement on Track | Apex Project Spotlight

New DC Install for Major Home Improvement Retailer Complete in Just 3 months The health crisis of 2020 has businesses of every size and shape scrambling to make changes that will enable them to move forward and better serve their customers and community. Apex has been busy with several large-scale warehouse racking projects to help…read more

Cold Storage Reno with a Re-Purpose! | Apex Project Spotlight

Project Spotlight Highlights: Cooler & Freezer Warehouse Renovation 35K pallet bays Reconfigured & new pallet racking Selective pallet rack with cant-leg frame Deep-Reach pallet rack with cant-leg frame 2-deep Push-back rack Completed while the facility was fully operational It took 3 phases, loads of coordination, and a lot of warm clothes and hot coffee to…read more

Global 3PL Picks Apex Solution to Beat Rising Costs | Apex Project Spotlight

Joliet, IL is the fastest-growing city in the Midwest and the 12th fastest growing city in the U.S. among cities of more than 100,000 people. Joliet is also the home of a bustling distribution center for a major Global 3PL. Rising labor costs and the need to increase throughput motivated this customer to seek new…read more

Reaching New Heights in Order Fulfillment | Apex Project Spotlight

Things are looking up, way up, for a national health and wellness company as they expand their already sizable Midwestern distribution center to over a million square feet of optimized storage and inventory fulfillment… all with the help of the Apex team. As part of the 350,100 sq. ft. expansion to the existing 722, 320…read more

Selective & Cantilever Rack Find a New Home in Northlake IL | Apex Project Spotlight

Every Detail Attended to… Welcome to our latest Apex Project Spotlight! Each new build, tear-down or reconfiguration project is exciting for the Apex team. It’s where planning meets skill to make something terrific for our customers and this impressive new selective pallet rack and cantilever racking systems installation is no exception. Plus, there were very…read more

3-Tiered Pallet Storage, Pick Modules & More! | Apex Project Spotlight

This may not be your favorite waterpark ride… but it might just be as cool! It’s a carefully engineered system of pallet flow rack, carton flow, racking components and mezzanines, integrated with both automatic and gravity conveyor plus spiral conveyor chutes. These systems are assembled together into a highly efficient, three-tiered storage and picking module.…read more