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Customized Pallet Rack Systems and Components

When a material handling system re-design or expansion is the best solution to meet your needs, Apex Warehouse Systems has the pallet racking stock and fabrication facilities to get your rack up and functioning quickly and affordably. We stock a comprehensive range of refurbished pallet rack and storage system components. We also supply racking accessories, such as wire decking, pallet supports and more. All our systems and components can be ordered through our online Quick Ship service. The Apex on-site fabrication facility will quickly cut, re-weld and repaint damaged and worn pallet racking to restore it to “like new” condition. Apex fabrication will also customize your storage rack to meet any unique customer requirements.
Pallet Rack - Apex Warehouse Systems

Benefits of Apex Custom Fabrication

  • Large stock of storage rack and material handling systems
  • In-house, custom fabrication facilities
  • In-house paint facilities
  • Fast turnaround saves time and money
  • Quickly realize ROI with increased productivity

Custom Painting

The Apex eco-friendly painting and refurbishing center is the last step in the process of making your “like-new” rack, well, like new! We can paint your new pallet rack to match existing systems or set-off your new rack with a distinguishing paint scheme or color. You can even choose from a rainbow of colors.

Our custom paint mixture provides for complete coverage and long-lasting adherence to both roll-formed and structural steel pallet rack components in any warehouse climate or outdoor exposure.

Get started today by completing our Project Review Form. An Apex representative will contact you and we’ll get your project up and running.

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Pallet Rack -Apex Warehouse Systems

What to Expect from an Apex Site Review:

• Thorough walk-through of current warehousing facilities

• Meet with staff and architects to identify specific needs and challenges

• Provide options and recommendations of refurbished vs new racking based on design, price, time and specs

• Work together to develop the best design and product solutions for your facility –within your budget and time-frame

Choose Apex custom fabrication and your redesigned pallet racking system will be up and functioning quickly and at a fraction of the cost of new rack. Contact us today. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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