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Bringing Warehouse Systems Designs to Life

A great design of your warehouse storage and material handling systems is only the first step to project success. Just as critical is a well-planned and executed installation plan. Apex Warehouse Systems project management draws on years of construction experience and material handling know-how to ensure every last detail of your project is integrated seamlessly and installed on time and within budget.

Pallet Rack - Apex Warehouse SystemsBeginning with permitting and bringing in all suppliers and partners, Apex project management will schedule your warehouse build… pallet rack, conveyor, pick modules, mezzanines, in-plant offices and more. The materials are checked upon arrival and carefully laid out to mitigate any delays. Apex project management works hand-in-hand with your warehouse operations team to manage all aspects of the project implementation, including:

Project Management Support Services

  • Installation scheduling
  • Vendor relations
  • Coordinate permitting & engineering approvals
  • Freight management
  • Site supervision
  • Material handling system testing
  • After-sales support

Compliance Assured: Permitting

Permitting is a critical element of the project management process. The Apex team is a crucial and dependable partner. Permits to implement your warehouse storage system installation must adhere to the permitting, building code and fire protection regulations for the city or county where the project is installed. Each individual build site requirements can and often do vary. Therefore a pallet racking system that met standards in one location may not be approved for any other location even if it is for the same company. Apex project management understands these requirements and will help obtain all necessary approvals and permits needed to meet your timeline.

Apex Permitting Services:

  • Building & fire code compliance
  • Seismic compliance
  • Permitting approvals
  • Professional engineer (PE) stamped drawings
  • Seismic Analysis

From scheduling, material checks, to on-site team management, safety assurances and final systems checks, the Apex project management team is committed to excellence. Our goal is always to exceed customer expectations.

Contact the Apex team for more information on our project management capabilities and to schedule your next project.

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Seamlessly Bringing a Plan Together

Time-lapse video shows what a well-executed Project Management plan can become. This kitting operation will be executed from dual multi-level pick modules that are connected with a “dance floor”. There are 268 pallet positions of pallet flow on the bottom with 360 carton flow pick faces and a whole lot of shelving on the top.

Whether your project is a complicated combination of material handling systems or a simpler system add on or upgrade, each Apex project goes through the same rigorous process to ensure implementation success. Give the Apex team a call to start your next project the right way.

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