At Apex Companies, we specialize in providing our customers with unique pallet racking and warehouse storage equipment solutions. Our value-added design specifications fit each application and maximize warehouse storage potential. Our engineers also provide detailed CAD drawings including layout, elevation and installation drawings for every project, large or small. In addition to design services, we also provide safe, professional installation anywhere in the United States.

Check out our large variety of structural and roll-formed pallet racking systems. If you are not sure which storage design is best for you, don’t worry, we’ll help you figure that out. Call today for a FREE project consultation – Expert advice is on us!

Selective Rack

Selective rack is the most common type of pallet rack, providing single-deep storage with access to each pallet position at the aisle face.

Deep-Reach Pallet Rack

If more storage spaces are required, consider a double-reach system. Double-reach consists of a 2-deep pallet rack, often in a back-to-back row configuration.

Drive-In Rack System

Drive-in is a high-density solution for high volume SKUs. Forklifts drive into the rack system to deliver and retrieve pallets.

Push-Back Storage Rack

Push-back storage combines the density of drive-in with the selectivity of single selective rack using a system of enveloping carts and tracks.

Pallet Flow Systems

Pallet flow uses slightly inclined wheeled tracks for multi-deep, dynamic storage. Pallets are loaded on one side and flow to the opposite aisle for retrieval.

Carton Flow Systems

Cartons are fed into storage lanes from one aisle and flow to the opposite aisle for full and split-case picking, separating picking and replenishment activities.

Pick Modules

Pick modules consolidate order selection using a combination of storage mediums and conveyors on multi-level picking platforms, case and split-case picking.

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever racks were developed for storage of long or over-sized items such as lumber, piping, automotive parts, and furniture. Multiple options available.

Safety Accessories

Apex pallet rack safety accessories and design features help prevent damage, ensure usability and improve overall warehouse safety.


Industrial mezzanines offer an excellent solution to your facility’s space challenges by converting unused overhead space into productive storage or work-space.

In-Plant Offices

In-plant offices can offer a convenient and cost-effective solution by adding employee work space while utilizing only a minimal footprint.