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Carton flow rack is a gravity fed system storing multiple deep cartons in stand-alone units or within your existing pallet rack space. Using slightly inclined wheeled tracks or shelves, cartons are loaded from one aisle and flow to the opposite pick-side aisle. The system separates picking and replenishment activities to save up to 75% of labor costs vs. static storage. First-In/First-Out (FIFO) inventory rotation minimizes shelf time and keeps inventory fresh.

Carton flow accommodates either consistent or varying carton or tote widths. Accessories can enhance system performance include lane dividers and flow guides that make it faster to load and pick with improved accuracy.

Advantages | Considerations:

  • Organizes and consolidates slow movers for productive order picking
  • Saves space – up to 50% vs. static rack or shelving
  • Reduces labor costs – up to 75% vs. static rack or shelving
  • Increases pick locations – up to 40 locations per bay

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Carton Flow Evolves Into Invaluable Order Picking Tool

The carton flow of the past was individual lanes of relatively generic wheeled track. The carton flow of today is manufactured with superior materials and accessories to serve as a space-saving, dynamic inventory storage method. These systems can be designed to meet very specific needs for carton, case and tote inventory, and configured around picking methods and warehousing climate. Check out our blog: The Evolution of Carton Flow Rack Rolls-on… Raising Up a Super Warehousing Tool to learn more.

The Apex engineering and design team is available to help you choose the right carton flow products for your space, equipment, budget and order fulfillment needs, just give us a call today!

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