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Need more pallet storage positions than your standard selective pallet rack can yield? Consider a deep-reach (or double-deep rack system). Double-deep is a 2-deep selective pallet rack design that is often configured in a back-to-back layout with another 2-deep row. This layout reduces the number of aisles, thus adding more pallet positions within the same footprint, however, it does reduce pick selectivity. Double-deep selective rack also requires the use of a deep-reach fork truck to access the pallets.

The double-deep pallet rack system can be configured with a recessed front column which creates additional room for forklift outriggers and allows for a broader forklift turning radius. There are three commonly used column designs: Offset, Slope and Raised I-Beam. Outrigger size and spacing will vary depending on the forklift model and manufacturer. Be sure to consult manufacturer specifications when designing your system.

Double-deep pallet racking systems can be manufactured using either roll-formed or structural steel racking components. Apex companies will work with you to determine the best pallet racking configuration for your warehousing space, inventory, equipment, throughput goals, and budget.

Double-Deep Pallet Rack - Apex Companies

Advantages | Considerations:

  • Maximized warehouse space/reduced number of aisles
  • Increased pallet positions within the same footprint
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • Reduced selectivity vs standard selective
  • Reduced utilization percentage
  • Requires specialized equipment – deep-reach truck

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Double-Deep Pallet Rack - Apex Companies

Apex Offers Double-Deep Rack Design Tips

There are a lot of design choices for double-deep pallet rack, and it is important to get the design right… the first time. So, check out our blog: Double-Deep Pallet Rack – Design Tips from the Apex Experts to learn more about deep-reach truck considerations, frame design options, aisle spacing and more.

The Apex engineering and design team is available to help you choose the right configuration for your space, equipment, budget and order fulfillment needs, just give us a call today!

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