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Selective pallet rack is the most widely used pallet racking system offering a major advantage over floor stacking by accommodating a far greater number of SKUs per square foot.

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For low-turnover inventory volume and high SKU differentiation, this pallet racking system is ideal. The racking system is designed for single- deep pallet storage and it can be secured in a back-to-back configuration to reduce warehouse space dedicated to aisles. The forklift accesses the rack system from the front for both put-away and pallet retrieval. Aisles are located between each single or back-to-back row providing 100% accessibility to every pallet stored within the system.

Selective rack can be built high to most effectively utilize vertical warehouse space helping to cube out storage. It can also be easily equipped with wire deck and other decking options to safely store non-palletized inventory. It is ideal for any warehouse climate from ambient, to cold-storage and freezer. Selective pallet rack systems can be designed using either roll-formed or structural steel depending on inventory specs. The Apex design team will work with each customer’s inventory, warehousing space accommodations, throughput goals, and budget to design a unique pallet rack system to meet their needs.

Advantages | Considerations:

  • 100% selectivity
  • Cost-effective storage solution
  • Ideal for fast turnover and high SKU operations
  • Supports FIFO inventory rotation
  • Requires considerable space for aisles
  • Limited pallet density per square foot

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Apex Selective Rack Illustration Gallery

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Selective Pallet Rack Gets Fast-Tracked for Customers in Need

The time-lapse video makes it look easy, but it took lots of planning and expert execution to get it done. The Apex installation and project management teams combined efforts to fill this waiting warehousing space with 241,000 selective pallet rack positions in under three weeks!

Apex offers seamless integration for design, project management, and installation. Give the Apex team a call to start your next project the right way.

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