A Look Inside Industrial Shelving for Picking Operations

Apex Warehouse Systems - Industrial Shelving

Industrial shelving is to nuts and bolts what pallet racking is to pallets. And what exactly is that you may ask? Well, simply put, it’s a highly efficient, economical storage solution.

Not restricted to nuts and bolts of course, industrial or commercial shelving is ideal for storing hand-picked inventory for order fulfillment or assembly but does not require deep levels of ready-reserve storage. While it’s a no-tech solution in this era of tech and automation, it is a tried-and-true solution that has proven it’s worth over the decades. And… it is also compatible with tech-driven picking mechanisms in use today.

Apex Warehouse Systems - Industrial ShelvingIndustrial Shelving Overview

  • Highly-economical storage option
  • Best used for small goods in boxes, bins or bundles
  • Modular design grows easily as needed
  • Useful in pick modules or within a mezzanine
  • Available in medium to extra-heavy-duty capacity (300-1300 lbs.)
  • Accessible for humans, robotic arms or drones for pick & put-away


Industrial Shelving Configurations

There are many shelving options and varieties available to choose from to create the right storage mix.  First, it’s available in a variety of strengths from medium to heavy-duty and extra-heavy-duty capacities. The shelving units also come in several widths, depths and heights. They can also be configured with open or closed backs and sides.

Apex Warehouse Systems - Industrial ShelvingThe shelving units can be accessorized with dividers, bins or boxes to hold small pieces or parts to keep SKU inventory separate. Orderly SKU storage means faster, more accurate pick and put-away.

Your choices don’t stop there, however, the shelves themselves come in solid surface or wire allowing you to customize the best option based on your inventory specs. Since industrial shelving units are modular, you can even mix and match most types of shelving units to ensure you get just what you need to benefit your picking operation.

Another shelving plus is that it requires only a single aisle for replenishment and picking functions. Shelving units can also be positioned back to back, again as a space-saving option.

Industrial shelving is often used as part of a pick module with full pallet storage above, on or underneath a mezzanine for an optimized footprint configuration. Galvanized units are also available if needed.


Apex Warehouse Systems - Industrial ShelvingIndustrial Shelving Components

  • Units available with open or closed backs and sides
  • Modular units can be mixed and matched
  • Easily adjustable full-surface or wire shelving
  • Accessorizes with dividers, bins or boxes as needed

Can the Apex team help you identify just the right storage solution/s for your order processing needs? That is actually a rhetorical question because the answer is, “Absolutely we can!” Give us a call today to learn more about industrial shelving or to discuss your warehousing system needs.