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Pick modules are a popular high-density storage and picking solution for maximizing storage capacity and increasing picking efficiency for both case and each picking. A pick module, also referred to as a pick tower, is basically a multi-level storage structure made up of layers of either shelving, pallet rack, and gravity flow storage. Levels are often equipped with carton flow and/or pallet flow to help facilitate the fast pick process better than simply static rack or shelving. The dynamic nature of flow rack provides automatic pick face replenishment, so pickers aren’t left waiting for restocking. The restocking happens from the outside aisles, so traffic in the pick aisle is minimized. In addition, there are static and dynamic shelving options to choose from. Depending on the number of SKUs, the volume and pick rate goals will determine the makeup of your pick tower. By consolidating picking activity and reducing travel time, pick modules save space while improving pick rates and lowering labor costs.

Advantages | Considerations:

  • Improved space utilization– save up to 50% vs. selective rack
  • Reduce labor costs – less travel time
  • Increase pick rates – easy access to consolidated SKUs
  • Increase pick locations
  • Ideal for FIFO product rotation

A well-designed system combines technology with conveyor and sortation systems to move the product from in-processing through order fulfillment. Full pallets transferred from push-back, pallet flow, or pallet rack reserve storage are broken down into cartons and pieces. Items are then loaded into specially designed pick-areas to complete staging for order fulfillment. Apex will design a custom system to fit your unique inventory, space, and budgetary considerations.

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2-Story Pick Module Fast Tracked Due to Great Pre-planning

This multi-level pick module project was designed to be installed in stages in anticipation for growth. Check out the full project photos here.

The 2nd story deck framework was completed during the initial installation in order to fast-track the 2nd build phase as demand escalated and to avoid interrupting operations. The pick module integrates carton flow racking for cases and totes with metal shelving for slower-moving SKUs. Contact the Apex team to start planning your next project right away.

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