Material Flow1Material flow is the organized movement of products from point A to point B throughout plant and warehouse storage facility. From the loading dock to, well, the loading dock individual SKUs take strategic paths or at least they should be strategic.  If you have system inefficiencies, we’ll find them.  We begin by tracking your case and pallet path.  How they are in-processed, stored, picked and ultimately packaged and shipped.  A thorough review will help us determine how and where to reduce steps throughout each phase, eliminating waste and increasing product throughput and picking accuracy.  We also will recommend unique storage and material handling solutions that will help you meet your inventory processing goals.

  • Eliminate excessive product handling
  • Cut order-picking times
  • Decrease labor and equipment travel times
  • Reduce redundancies

Let an Apex Warehouse Systems design specialists streamline your storage and fulfillment operation-

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