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Product slotting is simply the placement of products within the industrial storage and fulfillment warehouse. Sounds simple right? Well, there’s a bit more to it than simply putting up some pallet racking or bulk stacking your inventory. You know that.. and so do we!

Proper inventory slotting is essential to warehouse storage optimization and productivity.

Let the Apex team ensure your facility is maximized saving costly labor, equipment, and cost of goods expenses. We begin with a review of your individual SKU data: dimensions, weight, and quantity. Then, based upon SKU velocity and storage/picking travel times, we determine the most-fitting storage mediums and warehouse storage equipment necessary to maximize your space and inventory goals. We will design slotting methodologies utilizing current pallet racking, conveyors, and equipment where it makes the most sense. We also have access to an extensive new and used inventory supply that allows us to put together the most cost-effective solution.

Maximize the use of your labor and equipment to meet order processing demands while minimizing operational costs… request a professional product slotting review from the experts at Apex Companies.

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Spelling SKU Slotting with an “M” & “V”

We aren’t here to divide… or are we? Say, “SKU slotting” and images of organized racks, totes, and other typical storage apparatus jump to mind. But what if you’re SKUs happen to be doors, windows, and other bulk items? Apex installed M&V dividers into five warehouse facilities for a national furniture company.

Check out our spotlight blog for all the project pictures and details, then call the Apex team to get started on your next industrial facility project.

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