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Industrial warehouse shelving is ideal for storing hand-picked inventory for order fulfillment or assembly where deep levels of ready-reserve storage are unnecessary. While it’s a no-tech solution in this era of tech and automation, it is compatible and complementary to tech-driven picking mechanisms in use today.

Industrial shelving is available in a variety of strengths from medium to heavy-duty and extra-heavy-duty capacities. The commercial shelving units also come in several widths, depths, heights, and configurations.

Shelving unit accessories increase system functionality and productivity. Dividers, bins, and boxes hold small pieces or parts to keep SKU inventory separate. Orderly SKU storage means faster, more accurate pick and put-away.
Talk to the Apex team to decide on the size, type, and configuration of your industrial shelving application. Our experts are available to help you through the design, project management, and installation phases of your project.

Industrial Shelving Overview

  • Highly-economical storage option
  • Best used for small goods in boxes, bins or bundles
  • Modular design grows easily as needed
  • Useful in pick modules or within a mezzanine design
  • Available in medium to extra-heavy-duty capacity (300-1300 lbs.)
  • Accessible for humans, robotic arms or drones for pick & put-away

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Highest Productivity Reached in this 3-Story Order Processing Operation

Talk about taking advantage of vertical space! This 3-story order processing operation reaches for the highest productivity levels with the help of industrial shelving, selective pallet rack, pallet flow, and carton flow.

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Apex offers seamless integration for design, project management, and installation. Give the Apex team a call to start your next project the right way.

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